Austin Power Engineering LLC. We provide the value added engineering service in sofc, pemfc, lithium ion battry, hydrogen storage, phev, hev, etc.
- Manufacturing Cost Modeling
- Energy Storage
- Electrolyzer & Fuel Cell
- Hydrogen Storage
- Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing

Engineering Consulting Service

Austin Power Engineering provides the value added engineering consulting services which fill into several core areas:

  • Technical Cost Analysis
    • Technical Cost Modeling
    • Strategic Manufacturing Cost Analysis
    • Manufacturing Cost Reduction
    • Concurrent Manufacturing Cost Mapping
    • Life Cycle Cost Modeling
  • Market Research
    • Market Analysis
    • Market Penetration Study (Bass Diffusion Model, etc.)
  • Strategic Decision Making Analysis
    • Technology Assessment
    • Competitive Products Evaluation
    • Manufacturing Cost Analysis
    • Scale Up Manufacturing Analysis
    • Product Commercialization Analysis
    • Financial Analysis


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