Austin Power Engineering LLC. We provide the value added engineering service in sofc, pemfc, lithium ion battry, hydrogen storage, phev, hev, etc. <
- Manufacturing Cost Modeling
- Energy Storage
- Electrolyzer & Fuel Cell
- Hydrogen Storage
- Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing
Involved Industrial Projects

Led an assignment to perform the photovoltaic (PV) manufacturing process assessment and manufacturing commercialization analysis for a major CIS / CIGS thin film PV manufacturer in California. The assignments required technology assessment on client’s scale-up manufacturing line (20MW) step by step. The major processes included sputtering / PVD, CVD, lasher scribing, sintering, etc. The day-to-day manufacturing process data, such as SPC charts, material scrap, cycle time, automation level, etc., were evaluated in detail. The process based manufacturing cost model was also developed to analyze the potential cost reduction goals.

Led an assignment to evaluate a thin film A-Si roll-to-roll manufacturing process scale-up (40MW) for a major PV manufacturer. The assignment required to evaluate the scalability of the major processes / equipments to mass production, such as APCVD, PECVD, laser scribing, etching, etc. The capital investment and time line were also studied.

Due diligent on varies photovoltaic technology and manufacturing process based on Arthur D. Little /TIAX multi-years industrial experiences. The goal was to develop a new photovoltaic technology platform to meet the rapid increased demand in industrial. The in-deep studied technologies included a-Si, CdTe, CIS/CIGS, crystalline, and wafer Si. The platform covered the cell technologies, manufacturing processes, marketing, and policies.





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