Austin Power Engineering LLC. We provide the value added engineering service in sofc, pemfc, lithium ion battry, hydrogen storage, phev, hev, etc.
- Manufacturing Cost Modeling
- Product Development


- Energy Storage
- Electric Vehicle
- Electrolyzer & Fuel Cell
- Hydrogen Storage
- Photovoltaic
- Appliance
- Stirling Engine
- Medical Device

The experienced projects are from the company technologist's past work experience. Some of the projects were performed when worked in TIAX LLC (formerly Arthur D. Little). There is no confidential information.

Bottom-up Stirling Engine Manufacturing Cost Model

For a $20 million Stirling engine based portable power development project, led the manufacturing cost model development activity. The assignment required to assess the Striling engine cost at the various stages: concept design, prototype, pilot production, medium-volume production, and mass production. The results helped technology development team better understand the system manufacturing costs.

Stirling Engine Manufacturing Cost Reduction

For a $20 million Stirling engine based portable power development project, performed the manufacturing cost reduction activities using manufacturing cost models. The goal was to reduce the Stirling engine power generator cost to compete with other emerging technologies. The system value mapping was developed to show the major cost drivers. The detailed manufacturability analysis and cost reduction strategy were developed for major components.





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