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Experienced Energy Efficiency Appliance Projects

o Led a commercial unitary air conditioning manufacturing cost analysis activity to support the Department of Energy’s (DOE) development of energy efficiency standards. The assignment required the development of system level designs and technical / cost assessments of representative 7.5- and 15-ton commercial air conditioners. This activity included the teardown (including both physical and virtual, i.e., based on catalog data) and bottom-up cost modeling of about 20 air conditioner units from different manufacturers. Results and insights gained from the analysis helped the DOE better understand the manufacturing cost impacts of changes to energy efficiency standards.

o Led the manufacturing cost analysis activity as part of a due diligence for a commercial air conditioning equipment manufacturer. The assignment required the development of detailed manufacturing cost analysis for the commercial chillers, packaged roof top air conditioner units, transportation air conditioning units, and heat pumps. The results helped the client better understand the copper and aluminum material usages, as well as manufacturing processes.

o Led an investment analysis activity to help a major appliance manufacturer identify the cost drivers and investment plan for a $20 million new appliance product development and fabrication project. The investment plan covered the plant floor layout, fabrication equipment and tooling selection, R&D, engineering, and staffing. The client started the project using our analysis as the basis for the investment.

o Led a design for manufacturability (DFM) and commercialization assignment that assessed a portable Stirling engine power generation unit. Mr. Yang developed a detailed manufacturing cost model based on a prototype unit to assess how to dramatically reduce the production cost to several hundred dollars at large production volumes.

o Led several elements of a multi-million dollar residential appliance development project. Our work focused on manufacturing cost analysis, testing, washing system design, motor/pump specification, cycle development, and design of experiments.

o Led a dishwasher fast-drying system development assignment for a potential customer. The assignment objective was to achieve superior drying performance (i.e., shorter drying times) primarily by focusing on blower and heat exchanger design.


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